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The 5 Best Ab Exercises Ever!

We’re all looking for that chiseled stomach to show off at the beach, but is what we’ve always been told the right way to go about it?
According to Men’s Health magazine, it takes more than 22,000 crunches to burn a pound of belly fat.
So you’ll never crunch your way to a flat stomach or six pack abs. What you crunch your way to is a pain in the neck and lower back!
Solution? Give them up and try these 5 amazing Core exercises.

#1 – The X-Body Mountain Climber
This is my favourite. Perform in Push Up position (keeping alignment from head to toe), bring one knee in towards your opposite hand whilst keeping your foot off the floor.
The key is to keep your abs braced hard whilst maintaining shoulder stability – DO NOT LIFT YOUR BUM IN THE AIR!

#2 – Fast Mountain Climbers
This will burn! Starting in push up position, bring your right knee in towards your chest with the foot on the floor. As quickly as possible switch to the left leg, running your knees in towards the chest alternately.

#3 – The Spiderman Climb
Starting again in push up position, bring your right foot outside your right hand (keeping your hips low) lunging the knee outside your elbow. Return to the starting position slowly, keeping your shoulders still. Perform on the opposite side.
You will literally look like spiderman.

#4 – The Inchworm
This is a slower exercise, but it works. Start with your hands in front of you on the ground and your legs straight with your knees slightly bent. Your bum is sticking up in the air.
Now slowly “walk” your hands out until you feel a slight stretch in the abdominal wall.
Then slowly return to the starting position. Awesome!

#5 – The Swiss Ball Rollout
Last but certainly not least! First, grab the correct size ball:
55cm: 5ft – 5ft 6
65cm: 5ft 7 – 6ft
75cm: 6ft +
Kneeling in front of the ball (keeping alignment from your head to your knees), place your hands towards the top of the ball and slowly fall forward from the knees, rolling your arms down the ball. Hold as you feel a stretch in your abdominal wall and slowly pull yourself back to the starting position.
Avoid letting your hips dip in the end position, also avoiding your bum sticking out throughout the movement.

These are much better than endless backbreaking crunches, creating shoulder stability, improved flexibility, and increased core strength.
These are just a select few of the exercises you’d expect to perform in my Bootcamp sessions.

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