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“Whilst undergoing major surgery I realised that a more energetic and healthier lifestyle was preferable and would speed my recovery, hence, I signed up with James. He has created personalised, challenging and constantly changing fitness routines, such that working regularly with him has had a profound effect on my physical strength and energy levels, and quite unexpectedly, on my mind and well being too. He pushes me beyond the comfortable limits I would set for myself and keeps me on track by positive reinforcement, without bombarding me with scientific gobbledegook. I trust him to point out where I’m going wrong and he treats me, not as a Field Marshall, but in a tough but kind manner. I would specifically recommend James to anyone dealing with chronic health issues. James’ fitness programmes have had a positive impact on my stress levels and I’m happy doing something that makes me feel good. Through James I have found that you are never too old to take your fitness and health seriously.” Sue 65