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Attachment-1James Flatman has worked in the health and fitness industry for over 15 years as a fitness trainer and a health club manager in Ipswich building his experience as a personal trainer.
His enthusiasm and passion for sports and fitness has driven him to success as not only a personal trainer, but as a boot camp instructor and a spinning coach.
James is an NASM Certified Personal Trainer, the director of Fitness Team Ipswich, and he thrives on delivering results for his clients by offering specific training programmes developed by the Optimum Performance Training Model (OPT). This model allows his clients to train efficiently and    safely, focusing on technique, heart rate training, and learning the key principles of exercise performance.
James strives to maintain high levels of achievement not only with his clients, but on his own path in becoming a top coach.

Leading a healthy lifestyle these days can be very costly and time consuming. This is what has led James to set up his group training sessions, mixed with the adventure of outdoor training, in the form of Boot camp courses. He believes that simply using your own bodyweight to perform various movement patterns, mixed with the unpredictability of outdoor environments and equipment that most gyms can’t offer, will not only provide the perfect mix of exercise and fun that you need to maintain a healthy lifestyle, but shred the duration of your current training routines, saving more time for work, family, and friends.

James is also a spinning coach with over 5 years experience, delivering an intense, fun and exciting session perfect for keen cyclists, fitness enthusiasts, or anyone just looking for a change in their training programme. James’ enthusiasm for spinning has led to one of his highest achievements as a trainer. He created an indoor cycling event called Cyclemania, raising over £7000 in aid of St. Elizabeth Hospice, Addenbrooke’s, and Click Sargant. This is an annual event, so watch this space.

With a love for sport, James works closely with Ipswich Sports Club, delivering strength and conditioning sessions for the Ipswich tennis academy and hockey club, and also designing sports specific fitness programmes for a range of sports, such as squash, cycling and rugby.

For further details on any of James’ services please contact him on 07792599433 or info@fitnessteamipswich.co.uk